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Finished Year 1 Unimas Medical School

Assalamualaikum & hello

So, Alhamdulillah, just finished year 1. Actually the passing result for year 1 is not out yet, so it's still not confirmed whether I passed year 1 or not. But put that aside, because I never know when will I ever be committed for this blog. I literally, forget the existence of this blog once in a while because I usually focus on my main blog because I have bigger audience there, but because I don't really feel like talking about boring medical stuff so I had to make a new blog for it. 

In Unimas, we use block system.
Block system is like you study one part of the human system and it will include the anatomy, biochemistry, pharmacology (ubat), pathology (penyakit) part. So you learn all the subjects to understand 1 part of the human system for example endocrine system in block 5. Anything about endocrine will be learn in block 5. 
Other universities that I heard, they will finish the whole anatomy in one semester and proceed the next with pharmacol…

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