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Dr Chew telling us about Emergency department


So, I am still in my pre-clinical year, year 2 of medical school. I am currently still in on-going research about CPR. And my supervisor for my research group is Dr Chew, he is a consultant for A&E department.

We got curious on how A&E department work, why he chose that department.

He told us, that A&E is for someone who love fast work, short-attention span, and you don't have to think too much on the management of the patient. Mostly the cases that come to the A&E are trauma cases, cardiac arrests and overdose cases. The patient won't stay at the A&E ward for too long, they will get referred to the other specific department for their cases, that's why, you don't always have to follow up the patient on anything.

Sound nice.
But in reality, it doesn't always nice & simple.

Day by day, I hope my will become stronger. Hope I will get tougher. You, if you also still struggling, know that struggles never betray their owner. Even…

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