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Finished Year 1 Unimas Medical School

Assalamualaikum & hello

So, Alhamdulillah, just finished year 1. Actually the passing result for year 1 is not out yet, so it's still not confirmed whether I passed year 1 or not. But put that aside, because I never know when will I ever be committed for this blog. I literally, forget the existence of this blog once in a while because I usually focus on my main blog because I have bigger audience there, but because I don't really feel like talking about boring medical stuff so I had to make a new blog for it. 

In Unimas, we use block system. Here's some information regarding block system.
Duration           : 7 to 8 weeks Credit hour       : 7 or 8 credit hours Total mark for  : 100 (there is 5 blocks = 500 marks) each block
Total mark to    : minimum 250 marks pass year 1
List of blocks for year 1 :
Block 1 : Foundation Block 2 : Man in the environment (study microbes for the most part) Block 3 : Blood and immunology Block 4 : Musculoskeletal & head and neck  Blo…

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