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Falling out from medical fields

Assalamualaikum & hello

         So, there will be less than 4 months from now to my first professional exam. But I still think that my time management sucks a lot. Ok, put that aside. I stumbled upon an interesting post this evening, it's about a man, graduated from MRSM Taiping, you know MRSM students - most of them are high achievers including him. He got straight A's with a good pointer and furthered his studies in medicine in Russia.

He began to expand his stories telling that, all his life being a top achiever and during his medical school years, he was an average, sometimes he was the last student in his class. During a long break, he would be planning trips with his international friends. He told that he graduated with blue diplome (Russian thing I guess for average student) and he saw his friends getting red diplome (distinction). When it was time to return to Malaysia, he said that he could cope most of the housemanship's stress better compared to most of hi…

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